Home Equity Life Insurance: Optional

There are compulsory insurance and optional insurance, these are distinguished by the existence or not of legal enforcement of insurance. See in this article whether it is optional or mandatory to have a housing credit life insurance. Does mortgage credit life insurance is optional or mandatory? If today you reach your bank and want to […]

Loan for a caravan.

  The caravan represents the ultimate feeling of freedom, you can go wherever you want. Enjoy a nice holiday with the family or enjoy a weekend away together. Do you have a caravan and it no longer meets your wishes or would you like to buy a new caravan to enjoy it with the family? […]

Payday loan – suitable for those

A payday loan is a type of loan that is frequently taken out in the Netherlands. The loan is especially suitable for those who want to finance a larger purchase. With a larger purchase you can think of a new kitchen or car. The payday loan is a form of loan that above all offers […]

Loan for renovation.

Borrowing money for a renovation does not have to be expensive. There are various economical options available for this. We can calculate the loan for a renovation in advance for you to indicate what a personal loan or a revolving credit will cost you. Do you want more space in the living room or do […]

Do You Have Credits And

Whether you are in financial difficulty or not, saving tips are always well received. In this article we leave 3 infallible savings tips for those who have credits. Best of all is that you can save money without much effort. Do you believe it?   Review Your Home Credit In the days that run the […]

What is Your Creditworthiness?

Granting loans by banks is always associated with a certain risk. In order to avoid unreliable borrowers, financial institutions evaluate clients in terms of creditworthiness on the basis of reports from the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). The BIK contains all information on the history of repayment of past and current liabilities.   Paid your credits on time […]

Requirements to request a loan.

Do you want to take out a loan, but still have no idea how to ask for it? Are you afraid that they won’t give it to you? Before you approach a bank to request this service, I recommend that you try to comply with the requirements that this entity will ask for. Discover the […]

Mortgage loan, with a broker

Can you set which option is better? With a broker (intermediary) or go to transact directly with the bank? What is recommended for a mortgage loan ? The broker or the bank? When it comes to seeking help to process a mortgage loan, there are two options for this process: bank and mortgage broker. Do […]

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