Whether you are in financial difficulty or not, saving tips are always well received. In this article we leave 3 infallible savings tips for those who have credits. Best of all is that you can save money without much effort. Do you believe it?


Review Your Home Credit

Review your insurance

In the days that run the banks are crazy to give housing credit. The spreads war has returned and it is now possible to transfer your housing credit to another institution and thereby save you a lot of money every month. In this context, we warn of the importance of taking into account not only the spread but also all credit costs, namely insurance and other commissions.

To save money by transferring your credit home simply follow these steps (the process does not have any cost):

  1. Complete the QE housing credit form;
  2. Your custom consultant will review and follow the process through to the end;
  3. Make the deed and save money every month.


Review your insurance

Consolidate your credits

Anyone who has a credit home knows that they have at least two insurance policies. The housing life insurance and multirisk insurance. Unfortunately, the bank took advantage of the exclusive focus on the spread and ended up reducing the spread by increasing the cost of insurance. Did you know that there are many people who pay more than life insurance? And did you know that your bank can not prohibit you from changing insurance?

To save money on the insurance associated with your home credit follow these steps:

  1. Complete the QE Life Insurance Form;
  2. Your specialist consultant will contact you, find the best solution and accompany you throughout the process;
  3. Formalize the transfer of insurance and save money every month.


Consolidate your credits

A third idea to save money for creditors is to consolidate their credit into a single credit. The consolidation of credits allows saving money through the combined effect of reducing the average interest rate and increasing the term. However, if you do not use consolidated credit with caution you may run some risks, namely the temptation to spend more money.

To save money by consolidating your credits follow these steps:

  1. Complete the consolidated credit form of QE;
  2. Your expert consultant will contact you to present the best solution;
  3. Formalize credit consolidation and save money.

3 savings tips that can make all the difference for those who have credits. There is a way to optimize your family budget and the best thing is that with QE you will have an exclusive consultant who accompanies you at no cost to you. So you do not have to contact several institutions and consultants and you can enjoy your savings without cost or bureaucracy. Simple?

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